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  Sunday, November 1 2:46pm PST

Saatchi & Saatchi
Keeping in Touch After the Forum
New e-mail option for delegates

Forum participants Majid Tehranian and Rusong Wong trialing the Excite system

Eight hundred e-mail addresses and a special on-line global community has been set up free-of-charge for State of the World Forum delegates, so they can keep communicating after the Forum closes on Sunday (Nov 1).

San Francisco Internet portal company, Excite, has donated the addresses and has also set up a new Internet service, called Excite Communities. Excite co-founder and senior vice-president Joe Kraus said the communities worked as a private site where groups of people that belonged to a certain "community" could go to chat and share information. Other Internet users who did not belong to that community could not access it at all - but they could apply to join the community.

Mr. Kraus said the new communities allowed groups to share a calendar, so they could tell other users when events were on that might interest them. Bookmarks would point to resources that might be useful, such as contact numbers, photos, or discussions on various topics.

"I use it to keep in touch with my family. My parents are in L.A., my sister's in London, and I'm in San Francisco. This way we can share contacts and photos, and dates so we can keep an eye on each others' movements." He said the service had only been on offer for about a month, and already tens of thousands of communities had been created by Internet users. A special global on-line community had been set up for the delegates at the Forum so they also could do exactly that. "This means when the delegates go home they can keep the energy going that they have generated at the Forum, and keep swapping ideas," said the business consultant to the State of the World Forum, Janine Firpo. "Everyone at the forum now has access to this community."

Kevin George, whose company CyGaia, will administer the Forum's community, said currently there was one large community for everyone, but there was also a special one for those involved in the co-existence and community initiative. It was likely two more would be set up for the youth and empowering women initiatives.

  • Lessons on how to use the community, or set up your own, are available in the community room on the mezzanine floor at the Fairmont Hotel for the duration of the Forum.

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