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  Sunday, November 1 2:44pm PST

Saatchi & Saatchi

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  9:30AM -12:30PM
‘Our Common Enterprise’ Town-Hall Meeting
Stephen Covey*, moderator; Co-Chairman, Franklin Covey Company
Ged Davis*, Head, Scenario Processes and Applications, Shell International Ltd.
Daniel Yankelovich*, Chairman, Public Agenda Foundation


  12:30PM -3:15PM
Investing in Women
Investing in women is a profound and catalytic strategy to address our most critical global issues and advance humanity. Through stories and testimonies from outstanding men and women leaders from around the world, the closing event will illuminate how empowering and investing in women accelerates the advancement of many social, economic and environmental goals.

The power of economic independence for women and the impacts of partnerships with the private sector will serve as the central theme for the event. The program will include first hand accounts of the advantages of economic opportunity for women and how it elevates their status and influence within their communities and allows for the betterment of their families, communities and countries.

Participants and Honorees Include:
Mahnaz Afkhami, moderator; Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Iran (1976 - 1978)
Mirai Chatterjee, General Secretary, Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA), India
Lawrence Chickering, Founder, International Center for Economic Growth; Author, "Beyond Left and Right"
Lynne Franks, Founder, Globalfusion, Inc.
Patricia Giles, Chair, World Health Organization, Global Commission on Women's Health
Theresa Loar, Senior Coordinator for International Women's Issues, U.S. Department of State
Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General, UN Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing
Catherine Muther, Founder and President, The Three Guineas Fund
Abby Napeahi, Native Hawaiian Elder
Kazimiera Prunskiene, Prime Minister, Lithuania 1991
Leticia Shahani, Member, Philippine Senate
Rayona Sharpnack, Consultant, Generative Leadership Group
Lynne Twist, Co-Chair, Board of Directors, State of the World Forum
Sima Wali, Founder, Refugee Women in Development

Closing Celebration:
‘Fashion for Development’
Bibi Russell*, Founder, Bibi Productions
The "Investing in Women" closing event includes a premier fashion show by Bangladeshi designer and international model, Bibi Russell. Fashion for Development demonstrates how micro-financed business has revolutionized life in many rural and poverty stricken villages around the world. Inspired and produced by local weavers, Bibi's fashions are modeled by a troupe of Bangladeshi youth. This show has been presented throughout Europe to tremendous media acclaim and is presented for the first time in North America at the 1998 State of the World Forum.

Notable Quote "If we don't do that and blow ourselves up, nothing else matters"
   --Former U.S. senator Alan Cranston, on the need to make nuclear disarmament the number one issue for the world
Actions which make a difference... WHOLE CHILD INITIATIVE: The SWF has worked with Jane Goodall to deliver aid to Rewandan refugees who have been fleeing into Tanzania.
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