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  Sunday, November 1 2:45pm PST

Saatchi & Saatchi

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  8:00AM -9:15AM
    Networking and Luncheon Keynote Sign-ups*
*Participants will be able to sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for the Luncheon of their choice.
  9:30AM -12:30PM
    Plenary Discussions:
9:30AM - 10:45AM
Digital Apartheid
Marc Benioff*, moderator; Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Hernando de Soto, President, Instituto Libertad, y Democracia, Peru; Author, "The Other Path"
John Gage, Senior Scientist, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Founder, Net Day
Lorna Thomas, Director, Public Broadcast Corporation Series 'Digital Apartheid'
Halsy Minor, , Chairman & CEO, C/Net Corporation
Rick Smolen*, President, Against All Odds Productions; Creator, "A Day in the Life" Book Series

11:00AM - 12:15PM
The New World Economic Disorder
Nicolás Ardito-Barletta*, moderator; President, Republic of Panama (1984-1985)
Michael Boskin*, Chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisors (1989-1993); Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Foong Wai Fong*, Author "The New Asian Way"
Hans-Peter Martin*, Foreign Correspondent, 'Der Spiegel'
Tom Spencer*, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, European Parliament Judith Woodard*, Managing Director, Bear Stearns


  1:00PM -2:30PM
    Luncheon Keynote Address:
    Shall the Poor Inherit the Earth?
Hernando de Soto*, President, Instituto Libertad, y Democracia, Peru; Author, "The Other Path"

    Luncheon Keynote Discussions:
    Holy Warriors and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
Sima Wali*, President, Refugee Women in Development, Afghanistan

One in Eight: The Threats behind Breast Cancer
Mary Chung*, Founder and Director, National Asian Women’s Health Organization

The Lady Vanishes: Women and Social and Cultural Change in Iran
Azar Nafisi*, Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies
Naghmeh Zarbafian, Poet and Independent Scholar, Iran

The Earth Charter
Danilov-Danilyan, Minister of Ecology, Russia; Chairman, National Earth Charter Committee
Rustem Khairov, Executive Director, Foundation for Survival and Development of Humanity
Steven Rockefeller, Professor of Religion, Middlebury College; Coordinated Drafting of the Earth Charter

Technology for a New Society
Cheryl Shavers*, Director of Emerging Technologies, Intel

"Anatomy of the Spirit"
Carolyn Myss*, Author, "Anatomy of the Spirit"

The Challenges of Interspecies Communication
Jane Goodall*, Director, Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania
Christine Jurzykowski*, Founder, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Navigating Terrain in a Borderless World
Juan Enriquez Cabot, Fellow, Harvard Center on Latin American Studies
Marc Luyckx, Senior Researcher, Forward Studies Unit, European Commission
Alison Sander, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Overcoming Digital Apartheid
Marc Benioff, moderator; Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation
(An Off-site Excursion to a San Francisco Wired School - Lunch Provided)

  3:00PM -6:00PM
    Roundtable Sessions
  6:15PM -7:15PM

Forum Dialogue:
Sex, Power and Politics
John O'Neil, moderator; Founder, Center for Leadership Renewal
Margot Anand, Founder, SkyDancing Tantra International; Author, "The Art of Everyday Ecstasy"
Scilla Elworthy, Author, "Sex and Politics"
Marianne Williamson, Author, "A Woman's Worth"
Daniel Yankelovich, President, Public Agenda Foundation

Networking : Reflection and Integration
Lisa Friedman, Co-founder, Enterprise Development Group; Member, Foundation for Global Community
Herman Gyr, Co-founder, Enterprise Development Group; Member, Foundation for Global Community

The Forum is often experienced as a tremendously stimulating time of new insight and learning. These networking sessions will provide a chance to "take a breath" and reflect on the day's events, to deepen and take in the experiences of the day. This session has two goals: to enable the participants to integrate what they have learned, and consider the implications of this learning for their day to day lives; and to learn about events occurring throughout the Forum to help connect to the Forum as a whole.

(For additional information regarding networking activities and to locate rooms for informal meetings, the Forum has established a Community Center located in the Hunt Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Please check the Community Center for the most updated schedule of organized networking activities.)

  7:30PM -9:30PM
    Dinner Keynote:
    Why People and Nations Don’t Heal
Caroline Myss*, Author, “Anatomy of the Spirit”


  9:45PM -11:00PM
    Cultural Event
The Mystical Poetry of Jallalu Din Rumi as Performed by: Coleman Barks, Poet and Translator into English of the Works of Rumi Zuleikha, Interpretive Storyteller and Ecstatic Dancer


Notable Quote "The Taleban is using culture and religion to keep women down."
   --Sima Wali (on Afghanistan)
Actions which make a difference... COEXISTENCE AND COMMUNITY: More than 50 young people from nearly as many countries are taking part as full participants in this year’s SWF.
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