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  Sunday, November 1 2:44pm PST

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Coexistence and Community Building

The initiative on coexistence and community building has as its goal to formulate and implement a strategic plan, which will bring coexistence into the mainstream consciousness of people around the world. How can coexistence become a compelling and enduring vision for humanity in the 21st century? How can we build a world where there is tolerance for minorities and greater understanding between peoples? What are the medium and long-term steps that need to be taken to create a world safe for difference? These were the questions posed in a series of meetings, roundtables and consultations that have been held by the State of the World Forum during the last two years.

There is no greater challenge than the task of setting an example for, and teaching our children about, the skills required for community building; living in harmonious and co-operative co-operative coexistence with those who are different, and settling conflicts without recourse to violence.

Towards a Charter for Coexistence
We stand for a world:

  • Safe for difference
  • Which celebrates human diversity as an affirmative good
  • Which protects children and minorities from the brutality of war
  • Which promotes education in coexistence and cooperative problem solving for every child on earth
  • Which encourages respect for minorities by the majority and for the majority by the minority
  • Which provides mutually assured security
  • Which promotes institutions for reconciliation and forgiveness

To begin your involvement in the vital work of the Coexistence and Community Building Initiative, please contact the State of the World Forum offices electronically at

Notable Quote "However haltingly, we have made some progress."
   --former Commander-in-chief of the U.S. Strategic Air Command, Gen. Lee Butler
Actions which make a difference... INVESTING IN WOMEN: The SWF has helped to establish a bank in Mexico specializing in micro-loans for women.
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